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Manually capture, freeze, and email data anytime without interrupting SPLnet

Schedule automated launch, restart, capture, and email event data using iCal

Unique TWA (Leq or Losha) view shows trending and Event Time Remaining after PEL (Permissable Exposure Limit), weighting and ER (Exchange Rate) are factored in to help regulate noise exposure

Allows custom PEL, ER, and user-defined Margin to account for RoD (Rest of Day) noise exposure allotment

Live ‘Event Time Remaining’ helps FOH ‘buy time’ with practical feedback, and end the show on-target

Designed for bullet-proof reliability, runs EXCLUSIVELY on mac OS X (v10.5+)

A real-time mac-based application for the live display and logging of SPL data

FAST or SLOW, A/C/Z weighting, TWA (Leq or Losha), Max/Min

Capture start/end/elapsed, and a real-time Event Time Remaining perspective