See SPLnet Quick Start Quide to confirm that your computer can see the SPLnet’s web-served config page in a browser.

TREND ships with the same default IP address as SPLnet ships with.  If you need to change the addresses, open Config -> IP Address, click the "+" and type in the name or IP address of the SPLnet.

Clicking the SPLnet unit’s name:location from TREND’s main window will take you directly to the units web-served config page.

If an email address is entered in the PARAMETER menu, and your mac’s email server settings are established, TREND (upon launch) will notify you if the SPLnet unit is offline.


Automated captures are scheduled via iCal.  TREND must be running for a scheduled capture to execute.  iCal can even launch TREND for you using alarm:open file.

Pressing the [CAPTURE] button at anytime will perform a manual capture of the data at that moment, without interrupting the CAPTURE in progress in the background.

The [AUTO EVENT] button is a toggle, allowing TREND to obey or ignore the next scheduled capture.

Captured data will be emailed (automatically for scheduled captures, or manual via the email button in the manual capture window).


The Event Time Remaining display will take the MARGIN value (set in PARAMETERS menu) into account in real time.  PEL, ER, Margin, weighting, and real-time cumulative TWA will always be shown for confident monitoring.

The SPL pointer meter is always scaled by the MAX and MIN values since the last restart, displaying a level that is always proportional to the current exposure experience.

FAST and SLOW can be clicked at anytime without affecting capturing or logging.  FAST and SLOW data are both always recorded, and these only affect the live window.


TREND will automatically establish and populate a spreadsheet with each capture (automatic or manual) for later analysis, charting, review, web-posting, server access, etc…


Quick start notes